Sonakshi & Saurabh Bangad

On May 15, 2016, I got a message from my dad giving details of Saurabh, his biodata and photograph. His biodata was quite impressive and he was into the profession which i was looking for my companion. One more interesting fact I found in his biodata was his interest in cooking and travelling. It’s like a cherry on cake for me :P After a week’s time on May 22nd 2016, we had our first...  Read More

Vandana Periwal & Amar Kumar Mohta

We could get a life partner for our daughter Vandana Periwal, MBA+CS through our constant search on and finally engagement ceremony took place at Kolkata on 1st May 2016 with Shri Amar Kumar Mohta, ICWA . Thanks to (Parents of Vandana Periwal) -------- When we registered profile of Amar, we were hopeful to find a life partner for our son soon. But to our...  Read More

Rupa Daga & Siddharth Dalya

मेरी सुपुत्री सौ.रूपा डागा का विवाह के माध्यम से 14 दिसंबर 2015 को सम्पन्न हुआ. बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद-आभार । मेरी सुपुत्री रूपा को उच्च-शिक्षित और उसे आगे पढ़ाने वाले, USA में MS कराने वाले विचारों के, यानी अपनी बहू को पढ़ाने वाले ससुराल वाले चाहिए थे । सो उसका सपना द्वारा इचलकरंजी वासी और वर्तमान में USA में कार्यरत श्री.चि. सिद्धार्थ रमेशजी डालिया से रिश्ता होने से पूरा...  Read More

Ankita Maheshwari & Nilesh Toshniwal

Matches are surely made in Heaven. Even ours would have been fixed there however if wouldn't have been for us, we wouldn't have met, Thanks to for bringing us together for...  Read More

Ravi Bagree & Pooja Toda

Thanks to, the best site for maheshwari groom and brides. Got the best soulmate and loving family as...  Read More

Reetika Dhoot & Rahul Daga

Hello Readers. I met my life partner through this site. I have had two blissful years of my marriage which was full of fun and frolic and loads of travelling. I want to really thank for making my search easy in respect of marriage. Our's was a very informal meeting followed by a formal meeting with our parents. Luckily, got a very understanding family. Thank...  Read More

Ravi Chechani & Priyanka Bhootra

Thanks to through which I met my life partner. I want to share with all that I was randomly accessing my profile when I found her profile and sent her request. She doesn't respond at that time. After 6 months, she saw my profile and told her parents. She searched my number and I got call from her brother. After that, her parents visited my home and later on they called our family....  Read More

Sandip Kabra & Varsha Mandowara

We both saw each others profiles on this site. First I sent her request on and she accepted that. After 4 days, she found me on portal through a mutual friend. By this way we started knowing each other and soon we got engaged within couple of months. Later, we got married on 18th April 2014 which was like 'love cum arranged' marriage for us. Well,I would be extremely thankful to...  Read More

Ashwani Kumar Maloo & Poonam Mantri

We Liked the profile through and then contacted the bride family. Later me along with my parents went to Kota (Rajasthan) to have face to face meeting with the family and bride. By evening both families agreed for the match and during the evening there was a ceremony conducted for confirmation. is really doing fantastic work for our community and i wish for...  Read More

Amit Bhutada & Priyanka Bajaj

Thanks to team to get my dream partner. All the best to all members who are still in the process of...  Read More