Kashish Kabra & Shraddha Totla

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Shashank Newar & Radhika Binani

I didn’t just find my bride in Radhika, I found love. Destiny is always pre-written by God, but little did I know that I would get the most divine soul. From sharing our Birth Date to sharing our likeness for North Indian food, we started feeling complete with each other in matters big and/or small. I’m sure the families feel that this is an arranged marriage, however the fact of the matter is...  Read More

Rohit Mundada & Vaishnavi Toshniwal

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Tejashri Jaju & Abhilash Rathi

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Sonam Maheshwari & Nikhil Maheshwari

We met through I was in Mexico and he was in Australia. Continents apart, this website made us into couple. Living a beautiful married life and now looking for a spouse for my brother. Thank...  Read More

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Nehaa Malpani & Ayush Rathi

Despite living only a few hundred meters away for several years in Bangalore, chance never made us cross our paths. This website did what chance never could. It was solely through its advanced features that we matched our parameters and eventually our stars. And we finally met in November 2020 after a few telephonic conversations. Our paths finally crossed thanks to this website, and now we walk...  Read More

Anupam Dhoot & Radhika Bajaj

We went back and forth looking at each other's profile for a few months until I finally decided to accept his request. I wanted to stay in India and he was in the US so we did not move forward initially however circumstances brought him back to India and I looked again at his profile to see a follow up and he did in September 2020. I did an insane background check and sent him only blurred...  Read More

Deepika Tapadia & Nishant Soni

It was started with a request during lockdown, we just had virtual interaction because of covid and lockdown as he was not in India. but still as it was meant to be, we became partners for life. Thank you and...  Read More

Avish Samdani & Deepika Lahoti

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